Come See What We’re Changing!

First, we hope you like the look of our new website. It’s probably the first visible sign you’ll see of the changes we’re making for the Key Peninsula Farm Council. Notice I didn’t say Farm Tour. We’re hoping to emphasize that we are here to help promote farms and support farmers on the KP. Over the next year you’ll see many more activities from the Farm Council not just the once a year Farm Tour.

  • Expanded 2 day Farm Tour
  • Apple cider squeeze
  • Farm to table dinners
  • Spring Farm Tour (2020)
  • Farming classes (free)

You many notice this year we’re asking for donations at the Farm Tour. Over the years we’ve had great support from local businesses and sponsors for the Farm Tour and couldn’t have made it this far without them. As the Farm Tour has grown more than anyone had imagined so has the cost of putting on the event. But as an organization we want to give back what you contribute in the form of greater support for the farming community on the Key Peninsula. We’ll have additional fund raisers through out the year along with more opportunities to visit and learn from local farms.

Some educational opportunities might include:

  • Irrigation best practices
  • Fruit tree care and pruning (focusing on organic methods)
  • Gardening in our wet weather
  • Soil amendments
  • Pasture management
  • Animal care
  • Chicken care and feeding
  • And more?

Of course we have to give a huge amount of kudos for our creative help from Jason at GW Creative for our new logo and website design.

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